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Flag FB Volunteer

We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to help with our concessions at each of our weekend games. Concessions is a key piece in making sure we offer food, drinks, and snacks to our spectators and fans during our Flag Football games.

This season we will be awarding scholarships to a few of our flag football players. For every hour donated by our volunteers for concessions, Dakota Domination will be donating $5 to our scholarship program totaling up to $1000. Each scholarship will be awarded at the end of the season.

We encourage you to take a look at our concessions schedule and see if you could help out in any way.


  • Please utilize the google sign-up sheet attached or visit and go to our Flag Football Volunteer page. Volunteers - Concessions - Google Sheets

  • Add your name into any of the time slots and your spots will automatically save. We recommend at least a 2 to 4 hour shift for efficient scheduling purposes, but would consider any time volunteered including before, after or between your player's games.

  • Please enter your player you are nominating in the Nominations section along with your name.

Dakota Domination Flag Football Volunteer Scholarship


  1. Recipient needs to be a player in the Flag Football League.

  2. Player needs to be nominated by a Volunteer by working concessions. Anyone from any school within the flag football league can volunteer.

  3. A Drawing will determine the scholarship winners. Volunteers will need to work a minimum of a 1 hour time slot to have their player entered into the drawing. For each 1 hour time slot worked, 1 token will be added to the drawing increasing your chances of winning a scholarship.


  1. $5 donated to the scholarship fund for every volunteer hour worked.

  2. Scholarships will be awarded at the end of the Flag Football season.

  3. Players are eligible every season for a new scholarship.

  4. Scholarships are to be used for College Educational expenses

  5. Scholarship Funds will be held by Dakota Domination until the recipient's high school graduation. Recipient must graduate high school and must be enrolled in a post-secondary school to receive the funds.